CD-ROM Duplication
(no job too small!)
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The cost of a web site varies depending on what a client wants on their site..
The price goes up with the addition of more pictures, dynamic enhancements, and more text.
The client should have some idea of what they want in their web site
when they ask about the cost.
Once the site has been designed and approved, it needs to be mounted on a web server.
From there the fixed costs are set (check table below) and the only additional costs
are for client-requested changes to the site.
S i t e R a t e s
Non-Virtual Account
  • your domain name (URL) would read -
    or ""

  • one time mounting fee @ $100

  • hosting fee
    @ $25 / 2megs / month
    (additional megs @ $10 / month)

  • Virtual Account
  • your domain name (URL) would read -

  • domain registration @ $100
    for the first three years

  • one time mounting fee @ $100

  • hosting fee -
    @ $35 / 2megs / month
    (additional megs @ $10 / month)

  • People viewing web pages now want more than static pictures and text.
    They want to interact with the site. Below are some examples of dynamic graphic features
    that can be incorporated into your web site to enhance it's appeal to viewers.
    Take the time to check them out and see which ones could be a nice addition to
    the presentation of your business.
    Examples of dynamic web site graphics
    ** please close each new window before opening the next
  • gif animation --
  • java applets --
  • photo enhancement --
  • roll-over buttons --
  • more roll-over buttons -- from a variety of sites
  • Quicktime VR --
  • image maps --
  • javascript -- several web sites
  • frames -- several web sites

  • When you host your web site with Eagle One Productions, you have available
    a whole host of options to support additional features to your site.
    They not only add the latest in technology to the front end of your site
    (what viewers see) but allow you to see what's happening
    on the back end as well (what kind of use your site is getting).
    Check out some of the features below.
    Technology available with our web-hosting:
  • T3 link to the internet which runs hundreds of times faster than a T1 line
  • Full access to CGI technology for return forms, orders and queries
  • Cobalt software for encrypted protection of CGI data
  • Analog analysis for web site demographics

    Additional services upon request:
  • Analog reports on web site activity including log files and referrer logs

  • Eagle One Productions has developed a number of complete web sites for clients.
    To check on the list and see what we've done, just click HERE!
    If you have any questions or need assistance with developing
    your image on the world wide web, feel free
    to give us a call or drop us a line.
    Thank You.

    I can be reached via:
    telephone - 1-218-666-2353
    USPS - 9129 Hibbing Point Road, Cook, MN 55723